Quiet Earth - "Not all dreams are nightmares." - Dr. Nathan

Eye For Film - "...a beautiful aural and visual piece of cinema..." - Darren Amner

Hollywood Reporter - "plumbs the murkiest depths" - Neil Young

Goon Magazin - "...a celebration of the moment." - Fabian Saul

Variety - "If Ed Wood were reincarnated as David Lynch" - Jay Weissberg

Little White Lies -"maudlin poetry in love with its own aesthetics"- Sophie Mayer

Psychiatrie.de - "...elegiac, dreamy, and absolutely cool. " - Ilse Eichenbrenner

Screen International - "paradoxically, both skimpy and convoluted" - Howard Feinstein

De-Bug.de - "...a loose history of teenage angst between a vaguely psychotic couple.." - David Weber

Ausgezeichnete Filme - "imagination becomes reality."

Peremotka.co-"Life is but a Dream" - Alexey Svirsky